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Sleep Positions

Side, Back, Or Tummy Sleepers? How To Improve Your Sleeping Position!

Did you know that the sleeping position you choose actually affect the quality of your sleep? Sleeping on your side, back or tummy can affect your back alignment, neck and even wrinkles šŸ˜²

It is up to us to accommodate our sleeping position to insure the best possible outcome for our body and the quality of our sleep!

Not only that, but a sleeping position can also say a lot about your personality šŸ˜

Here are some sleeping positions that are popular amongst all of you!

Back Sleeping Positions

Soldier Position

This sleeping position is done by sleeping on your back with both of your hands resting on each side of your body in straight manner -- just like standing at attention!

These scarcely found sleepers tend to have a powerful aura around them. They are silent, focused people who tend to steer away from commotions!

Starfish Position

When sleeping in the starfish position, you will be sleeping on your back, with both hands resting beside your head and your legs stretched out -- just like a starfish!

This position is even more rare to find amongst all of you. If you are one of these rare sleepers, even though you may be unconventional, your loyalty makes you the perfect friend to have!


  • Aligned spine
  • Prevents neck pain
  • Prevents acid reflux
  • Prevents facial wrinkles
  • Prevents breasts sag


  • Causes lower back pain
  • Aggravates snoring and sleep apnea

These numerous benefits will be unsustainable without the right pillow!

The right pillow would offer just enough elevation that your chin does not tilt too far into your chest while simultaneously lifting your head just enough to keep your airways open, improve neck and spine alignment, in addition to preventing acid reflux.

For those of you who are already experiencing sleep apnea and snoring, sleeping on your back may not be the way to go! When you are lying on your back, you are in a position where your tongue can block your airways or otherwise create pressure. This will then worsen your sleep apnea and snoring problems.

However, using just the right pillow will be able to fix such problems and maximize the potential benefits as well. The pillow that offers correct elevation can be found in a memory foam pillow, where it offers a personalised elevation by molding the shape of your head. It will also keep your airways open, and hence minimising sleep apnea and snoring problems. Do check out our Ecodenā„¢ pillow here to guarantee a promising quality of a back sleeping position!

Side Sleeping Positions

Fetal Position

For those of you who sleeps on your side, the fetal position showed to be the most popular sleeping position amongst all. This position is achieved by curling up on your side, with your knees lifted up to your chest, just like a newborn baby!

Just like its name, these people tend to be sensitive on the inside, but tough on the outside.

Log Position

This position is performed through sleeping on your side with both of your arms positioned right next to your body. Even though it is not very common to find these people, it is still considered as one of the most popular sleeping positions amongst all of you

These sleepers tend to be easy going, and are popular with others!

Yearner Position

The yearners sleep on their side with their hands stretched out in front of them.

Sleeping in this position indicates that you are inviting as you have an open nature, yet you can also be suspicious of new friends and acquaintances!


  • Helps aid sleep apnea
  • Decreases snoring
  • Decreases chronic back pain
  • Prevents acid reflux
  • Supports fatal health during pregnancy


  • Increases facial wrinkles 
  • Causes breasts sag

As you sleep on your side, your airways will expand, while simultaneously aligning your neck and elevating your esophagus, allowing for these beneficial health benefits to transpire in your sleep!

While it may be very beneficial, there are still tips that you can take into account to further improve your sleep experience.

1. Make sure either your left or right shoulder along with the rest of that side of your body to make contact with the mattress for full body support.

2. Sleeping on your side alone will not fully benefit your body. Consider adding a small pillow between your knees to align our spine, hips and pelvis. Check out our Ecodenā„¢ leg pillow here for a better side sleeping experience!

3. Find your sweet spot! The more pillows the better! Experiment with hugging different pillows and find the most comfortable position for you!

Tummy Sleeping Position

Freefaller Position

Sleeping in the freefaller position allows for sleeping on your tummy with your hands wrapped either behind the pillow or just placed on the sides of your head.

 For all of you freefallers, you are straight to the point with what you want, free spirited, but may secretly be anxious and yearns to gain control of the situation. 


  • Prevents and aids snoring
  • Prevents and aids sleep apnea


  • Increases facial wrinkles 
  • Causes breasts sag
  • Poor spine alignment
  • Causes neck and back pain

Even though this sleeping position keeps your airways open, preventing snoring and sleep apnea, its implications outweigh its benefits.

In such position, much of your body weight will be concentrated at your center. As this weight sinks deeper into the mattress, the rest of your body, along with your limbs and head will stay higher up on the surface. This will result in poor spine alignment and causes neck and back pain.

Additionally, because you are putting a lot of weight on your muscles, joints and organs, your body will naturally shifts multiple times during your sleep to stay comfortable. This leads to a more disturbed, lower quality sleep.

At the end of the day, we know it is difficult to change your natural sleeping position. Therefore, to aid some of these problems check out the Ecodenā„¢ Pillow here to rest your head high enough to allow for breathing, while keeping your face straight and neck aligned.

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